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Tips to plan a modern villa interior design

Tips to plan a modern villa interior design

There’s an old saying which goes this, way,” With great power, comes great responsibility”. Owning to the same, having a villa is like living our dreams but with this comes great concern as well.

Right from designing the interiors to choosing the right aesthetic, everything needs to be focused on. Well, it can be messy, costly and time-consuming, but the results are certainly worth it.

So, to help you get started on designing the interior of your villa, we at Starteam have listed some of the top villa interior design ideas.

  1. Design your dining room with elegancy

You need an elegant dining room to make your modern contemporary home the talk of the neighbourhood. Well, the dining room’s happy mood gives your property more drama and glitz. Install a 6-seater dining table in all-black with plush suede chairs and light oak floors to provide a chic contrast in the space.  This elegant dining room will undoubtedly be the focal point of your contemporary property.

  1. Choose comfortable bedroom designs

When we talk about interior designs for villas bedrooms are always designed thoughtfully. It should be spacious and hold a king-size bed. Moreover, you can also install an extra lounge, a study nook and a TV unit as well.

  1. Design a spacious bathroom

For every villa, bathrooms make a difference. Therefore, install a luxurious bathtub or a walk-in shower to let your bathroom stand out.

Well, you can even think of purchasing a wall-mounted modular cabinet to elevate the concepts of villa modern design.

  1. Breezy balconies are a must

If you want to enjoy your evenings while sipping your cup of coffee install comfy lounges and string lights in your balconies. Besides, also add a modular bar unit to change the vibe for good.

  1. Consider designing a home bar

Creating bar spaces is not always possible, but owning a villa will certainly let you do so. Moreover, building an elegant and stylish home bar will show the true worth of your choices.

  1. Choose calming niches

Create a calming environment in your villa by building a small fountain in your living room, expanding your balconies and making natural stone slabs. Also, consider designing window sit-outs and swings.

Well, choosing such niches will help you find moments of peace.

  1. Try to have space for everything

Don’t try to stuff things one over the other. Keep enough space for every little item right from your accessories to your toiletries. Doing this, will give a near look to your villa and set a calming ambience all around.

  1. Don’t forget to give a touch of old-world charm

According to villa renovation companies Dubai, a touch of old-world charm always brings back old memories. Therefore, to give this vintage look to your villa and restore the essence of old memories embellish your villa with old furniture, hanging chandeliers, old paintings and ornate rugs.

Final words

The interior design of villas should be eye-catching and appealing. That’s generally the first thing we at Starteam consider when beginning a project for your home’s interior design.

Rated by millions, we are one of the best interior designing companies in Dubai that sets up the best luxurious villa plans for every project.

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